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Lancia Montecarlo Paint Colours

If you are restoring your Lancia Montecarlo, it is always nice to choose a paint colour which is correct for the car. Unfortunately Lancia used many different shades of the same colour, dependant on the year of manufacture and the country the car was sold in.

Please select the base colour from those shown below to find out the colours that might be of interest. The colours shown are possibly not complete, and any further information people have will be appreciated (especially colours for the USA).

Lancia used a number of different suppliers for the paints, most of which are probably no longer available. I hope to get around to finding ICI paint codes for as many as possible as these are universally available.

Finally, there is the dilema as to which paint technology you should use. For complete purists you should paint the car in acrylic paint as this is similar to that used originally. However, I much prefer the modern two pack paints (2K) as they give a more solid colour that is more resistant to wearing.

Red Gold Green Blue White

An additional consideration is that only certain paint colours were sold with each interior colour. I have not worked out the combinations yet, but for example most S1 Montecarlo in Rosso Vivo had Beige leather interiors.

The available internal colours are shown below:

Montecarlo S1 Interior Colours

Montecarlo S2 Interior Colours

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Last updated: 2003-09-29