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Simon Taylor from Johannesburg races one of his two Montecarlos, and is a member of the Historic Racing Car Register and races in the Fine Cars category. It is a handicap category, cars must be road registered and road worthy. Normal fields are from 16 to 40 with entries ranging from Morgans, Triumphs (TR3, TR6, TR7), Minis, Ford Capri's (Series 1), Ford Cortina (Series 1), Isuzu Bellet, MG (A and B GT), Lancia Fulvia and Montecarlo, Lotus/Birkin 7s, Jaguar XK140, Chev Can Am, Porsche 911s, Austin Healey Sprites and 100/6 and Alfa GT Juniors. He races at Kyalami (Car GP), Phakisa (Bike GP) and Zwartkops, Lichtenburg and Midvaal (Club) circuits.

The series is designed for road cars and these are expected to be driven to the track, raced, and driven home. Race preparation is restricted to lockwiring sump plugs and oil filters, fitting oil & water breather catch bottles and taping up the headlights. Gloves, overalls and Helmets are required, but harnesses and cages are optional. I have a harness, but no cage.

Racing is handicapped based on practices times. We normally run 2 heats, with 2.5% time leeway in the first and 1.5% in the second to prevent sandbagging in practice. I finished 5th last year, with 2 heat wins.

As far as engine prep is concerned, until 170 000km (last year) the engine, clutch and transmission were all original. In fact, the entire car was original apart from Goodridge brake hoses and 6.5" x 14" Compomotives. The car was fitted with an Alquati conversion by the local agents when it was new. I've been running 185x60x14 Yokohama A520 directional tyres, but they've stopped making them and the A539s are not up to scratch. I'm planning on a set of Bridgestone Potenza R540s directonals. They look like slicks with hand cut treads and stick like the proverbial. In November last year, I had the gearbox overhauled (there was some bearing noise) and replaced the clutch and rebuilt the motor. Minor rebore, polished crank with oilways cleaned and replugged, new big ends and mains, new Mahle/Malossi 1800cc pistons (slight dome, so increase in C:R). The head was skimmed (cleaning only) - while the head was at the engineering works, they phoned and said it should have new valves & exhaust valve guides, so that was done too. Exhaust system is a fabricated 4-1 with a stainless steel silencer. Shocks are still original. Discs are drilled and slotted Brembos. I've fitted 2" flexible ducts running from the notches under the front bumper to the front discs in a vain attempt to avoid boiling the fluid. I'm planning on Fiat Uno Turbo ventilated discs - just waiting on the X1/9 front hubs.

He has 2 Montecarlos, both series 2 spiders. He races the black car which has an Alquati inlet manifold with DCNFs, cams and now higher compression pistons. The white car is standard. The black car was featured in the local CAR magazine in 1982 when it was the personal car of the importer.