Lancia Montecarlo Technical Tips

Clutch and Gearbox

The clutch in the Montecarlo is quite strong and does not give too many problems. Should you need to replace the clutch then this can only be easily done with the engine out of the car. There is very little lateral movement in the engine bay to allow you to part the gearbox from the engine.

The clutch is hydraulically operated, and the slave cylinder can give problems. The slave cylinder is virtually identical to an old Fiat (or Lada) variant. I managed to easily purchase a Lucas Girling slave cylinder from my local PartCo.

The gearbox also gives little trouble. The only common problem you will notice is that 2nd gear is a little hard to select when the gearbox oil is cold.

The gear selector and gearbox are linked by a complex set of arms. Between each of these arms is a rubber bush that forms the union between the pieces. These bushes wear out, the Monte Hospital used to state these are some of the most common parts they sell! It is relatively simple to replace the bushes when the car is on a ramp for easy access. I attempted to replace one bush in a hotel car park in Holland, definitely not recommended.