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Lancia Montecarlo Technical Tips

Cooling System

The Montecarlo cooling system can give a few problems especially if you get any airlocks in the system.

Water Pump

There is nearly 14 litres of coolant in the system and this requires a big pump to get it around the system. It is important to note that although a regular Lancia Beta pump will fit, the impeller is not sufficiently large to move a sufficient volume of water. Montecarlo water pump

Should your water pump fail, it is a relatively simple procedure to replace it:

  • Remove the alternator belt that drives the pump
  • Remove bolts holding coolant inlet pipe to the pump and move pipe aside
  • Remove the mounting bracket from the pump
  • Finally remove the bolts securing the pump to the crankcase

Refitting is the opposite procedure followed by refilling the cooling system.

Removing airlocks

There are a number of bends in the cooling system that can trap air. Providing your pump is working well these should all collect in the radiator at the front of the car.

There is a bleed bolt in the top of the radiator. This can be reached when the front luggage compartment is open. Simply loosen this bolt until coolant drips out then re-tighten

If you still have air in the system, then this is normally detected in the heater. If you do not get hot air from the blower then you might still have an airlock.

If you have removed the air from the system and you keep getting more air in, then you may have a faulty head gasket.


The Montecarlo has an odd four outlet thermostat. These thermostats are almost impossible to purchase now, and many Montecarlos have been modified to use a three outlet thermostat.


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Last updated: 2002-02-18