Lancia Montecarlo Technical Tips


Two different types of side mirror were used on the Montecarlo.

Californian mirror

Californian Mirror

The Series 1 Montecarlo and Scorpion used a Californian mirror bolted to the door skin.

There was only ever one fitted on the drivers side. Some people have added a second mirror on the passenger's side for greater visibility.

These mirrors have always been available and easy to fit. The only time there are fitting problems, is if your paint shop has filled the holes when painting the door!

Through glass mirror

Montecarlo Series 2 Mirror

The Series 2 Montecarlo and 037 used a Vitaloni through glass mirror that is a quite complex design.

Historically these mirrors have been very hard to repair or replace as they were unique to the Montecarlo and 037.

Fortunately these mirrors can now be purchased either complete or in parts. They should be available from Lancia Ersatzteilservice

New mirror

Replacement Mirror

If you only require the replacement glass and do not mind sacrificing the ability to adjust the mirror position from inside the car, then there is another solution. Jan wrote to inform me that the Ducati 851 / 888 have the same model mirror housing, also from Vitaloni, so you might go to a motorcycle dealer for replacement mirrors.