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Lancia Montecarlo Technical Tips

Starter Problems

If your struggle to start your car and the engine does not turn over very well, then you need to check the starter motor.

If the motor appears fine then the problem could be electrical. There is a large amount of cable between the battery in the front of the car and the starter in the back. All the connections between the battery and the starter need to be checked to ensure they are clean and free from corrosion.

Earth Straps

Engine earth strap

Lancia Montecarlo Earth StrapThe earth strap from the engine to the body is a piece of braded cable. This cable may appear to be okay but can be the source of your starting problems. If you have access to a tester, then measure the voltage drop across this piece of cable. There should only be a very small amount of volt drop.

If you suspect this piece of cable is faulty then simply replace it.

Your local motor parts supplier may be able to find a direct replacement. If you cannot find a direct replacement, then a piece of stranded cable will suffice.


Battery earth strap

The earth cable from the battery to the chassis may also give problems.
This too can easily be replaced by purchasing a replacement from your parts supplier.

If you make these simple replacements, you should find the starter operates with a lot more energy.

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Last updated: 2000-12-27