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Lancia Montecarlo Technical Tips

Window Rubbers

Have the rubber strips around your side windows perished?

Lancia Montecarlo Window Rubbers

Fortunately, the Monte Hospital has now produced replacement rubbers that can repair this damage. There are many Montecarlo owners who have waited years for this part to be made.


Unfortunately installation of these rubbers is time consuming and fiddly. It took me four hours to complete the installation on one side of my Montecarlo. Hopefully if you follow these tips, you can do it quicker!

  1. Remove knob connected to door lock
  2. Unbolt and remove the upper armrest and dashboard extension
  3. Unbolt and remove the armrest
  4. Unscrew and remove the door trim

    Lancia Montecarlo Inner Door

  5. Remove bolt 1 together with window support and remove the quarter glass
  6. Remove rubber strips from door and replace
  7. Replace window support and refit bolt 1. Remember to keep upward pressure on the window support to ensure glass is tightly fitted
  8. Remove bolts 2, 3 and 4 and then completely remove the window regulator (5).
  9. Remove the mechanism connecting the door lock
  10. Sliding glass can then be extracted
  11. Remove nut 6 hidden inside the door frame, this will allow one of the window runners to be removed
  12. Replace all rubbers, remembering to keep them tight fitting and glue the corners in place
  13. Run flat edge of screwdriver along each channel to ensure rubber is properly installed and there is room for the glass to move
  14. Refit in reverse!!

I hope that all makes sense! The result is worth the effort, but remember not to rush the job.

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Last updated: 2002-04-01