Need For Speed

Anybody who knows me will say that I am not normally interested by computer games. I do not think it is possible to have enough free hours to play these games and run a Montecarlo?

Anyway, I was intrigued when I discovered you could race a Lancia Montecarlo in the computer game Need For Speed High Stakes. The Montecarlo is not shipped as part of the game, but you can download it from the Internet and add that afterwards.

The modeling of the Montecarlo is quite good, I just need to lean how to drive it!

Game Action

Before the off

Got caught speeding again...

After I've crashed it a few times!

There is another community project, this time for Need For Speed Most Wanted. Somebody has created a plugin of the Lancia Montecarlo Turbo Group 5. I have not tried this yet as I don't have the game. You can download it from the Internet. Let me know how it goes.