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Lancia Scorpion Smog Control

The Lancia Scorpion had special smog control equipment fitted to allow it to pass the strict California emission controls.

It is quite common to find a Scorpion where the smog equipment has been removed, and the car is therefore illegal to on the road. Ken Haven has successfully restored a number of Scorpions and has some simple tips to help you pass you emissions test.

  • Source and install all original smog equipment, including cams and carburettor. Check and renew all the plugs, points, condenser and HT leads.
  • Remove the idle cut-off solenoid plunger, check the rest of the engine including valve clearances. The engine should idle fine.
  • Check the emission - if you are still illegal then continue.
  • Check compression to ensure you have not blown a head gasket.
  • Clean out air injector tubes (combination of heat with torch & water quench, and "roto rooter" made from frayed SS cable and electric drill).
  • Install a new 1976 Nova air check valve.
  • Check the catalytic converter, if necessary fit new universal catalytic converter ($70 Grand Auto part, with original catalyst flanges welded on).
  • Check the fuel tank restricter has not been removed, this can be replaced by an aftermarket product.

By now you should have a clean engine that easily passes the emissions test. Ken's new car passed the test with emissions less than 1/3 of limit at both idle and 2500 RPM.

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Last updated: 2000-12-10