Abarth 030 Pininfarina

The Abarth 030 Pininfarina is believed to be the predecessor to the Lancia Montecarlo. The platform was developed by Abarth for Fiat in the early 1970s, but never made it beyond the prototype stage.

Abarth 030


Technical Specifications

Engine Fiat 130 V6 3400cc
Position Central / longitudinal
Bore / Stroke 102x71
Maximum power 285hp @6000 rpm
Brakes 4 disc brakes
Front rims 9x13
Back rims 12x13
Wheelbase 2296 mm
Front track 1516 mm
Rear track 1596 mm
Weight 910 kg


Front cap

Front of car. This car might not be an 030 but a modified Montecarlo? The fuel cap appears to be on the side rather than the front bonnet, also the air duct and rear rims seem the same as the front.

Back cap

Back picture of the car.

Top cap

Top photo.

Thanks again to Stefano Levazza for providing the photos and technical information for this page.